Stacey Flowers

Here’s what people haVE TO SAY about my message:

“Every woman on the planet should hear Stacey speak!”

- Michelle




Stacey is so sincere. She brought good tears to my eyes several times.

- Vicki Reynolds

Exciting! Empowering! Everything I needed to hear and more! Stacey is an exceptional speaker!  

- Charity Carlson

You HAVE to hear her speak and we ALL must read her books!

- Teresa Campbell

Stacey's story-telling pulls you into her world and truly motivates you to take the lead in your life! I loved her message!

- Conya Andrews

Stacey, you are an inspiration to all women!!!

- Linda Gail

Stacey is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. Her keynote was more than a speech about leadership, it was a training class on life!

- Carol Handover


I am grateful to share the stage with
leading Happiness Expert Dr. Shawn Achor at the
ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference

Your inspirational speech at the Founder’s Day dinner was so inspirational – I hope you will share it with many other young women! I must admit I cried tears of joy for you and your family as you reflected on your accomplishments and your blessings

– Terri McFarland

You are so authentic, inspiring, and make me want to achieve my goals and dreams. Thank you for being so captivating and unique!

- Anna Carter

I am so inspired by Stacey!

- Jackie

Stacey was absolutely wonderful at the ICAN Women's Leadership Conference. I definitely felt empowered after spending an hour with her!

- Nancy Mitchell

Thank you so much for bringing Stacey in to speak. Her message was right on point!

- Amber Morton

Stacey, thank for the information and thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with Lincoln Financial Group!

- Monica Tallman

Stacey, is an AMAZING speaker. If you get the chance to hear her speak you do not want to miss it. I cried, I laughed! I believed every single thing she shared! Thank you for bringing Stacey to this conference!

- Amber Wright 

Stacey, you are such an amazing person! You've inspired me to strive and believe in my own dreams.

- Melissa Avila