Stacey Flowers

use your voice. change the world. 

$2k for $2k Speaker Training

A 2-day workshop teaching aspiring speakers how to deliver unforgettable speeches and earn a minimum of $2k per speech.

Hosted by Stacey Flowers

November 1st & 2nd

CHICAGO | 10 AM - 6 PM




Dear aspiring speaker

Your life story, your education, and experience have greater importance and market value than you probably ever dreamed.

$2k for $2k Speaker Training is about teaching you how to share and profit from your real voice. When you identify your real message and learn how to deliver it with consistency, your message becomes an idea corporations and organizations pay to hear.

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Walk away knowing…

how to truly MOVE an audience

how run a profitable speaking business

how to standout in a saturated market

how to confidently negotiate $2k per speech

how to get booked and rebooked as a professional speaker

Hosted in a private location in Chicago

Hosted in a private location in Chicago

Who this workshop is for:

I’m inviting an intimate group of aspiring speakers who feel compelled to share their story to help others succeed in life. These women have a minimum of 10 hours a week to commit to building a successful speaking business. Women with a real desire to earn money for their message. in the most practical way, so my clients can get paid for sharing stories that helps others succeed.

Below is a list of hotels in the nearby area. See you soon!

1. Hyatt Place Chicago
2. Sophy Hotel
3. AIRBNB (HydePark)

TEDx Talk with over 400,000 views

TEDx Talk with over 400,000 views

What to expect:

You can earn $2k per speech in TWO simple steps: storytelling and selling.

Day One - The Art of Storytelling.

Can you tell your story in a way that compels people to pause, listen, and take notes? And when I talk about storytelling, I'm not just talking about sharing it in sequential order: I'm talking about telling your story with so much detail, presence, and heart as to craft a distinct voice, evoke emotion, and inspire immediate action.

Day TWO - The Science of Selling Speeches

Stop trying to sell your message to the masses, let's pinpoint who exactly your ideal client and audience is and then develop a sales system to help them find you, book you, re-book you, and refer you to everyone they know!


Hosted by #1 Female Motivational Speaker, Stacey Flowers


I've been listed #1 on the Top 10 List of Female Motivational Speakers, named the Next Global Leader for my generation, and I was invited to deliver a TEDxTalk, that as of today has over a quarter of million views and counting.

I've turned my dream of inspiring people to create authentic, fulfilled, happy lives into a profitable business and multiple opportunities to share my story from stages worldwide.

It's an honor to coach you to become a $2k speaker.


$2k for $2k Speaker Training is risk-free. You make $2k or I give it back to you.

$2k to reserve your seat. limited seats available.

Satisfaction guaranteed.