Self-Mastery Manual

Self-Mastery Manual


The SELF-MASTERY MANUAL (Digital) is a guide to help you to get consistent, uncover your purpose, and find the courage to be yourself.

The exercises in this manual are designed to guide you through a process of getting clear about what you really want, how to be who you really are, and creating confidence and consistency in your life.  See below for detailed descriptions of what’s waiting for you inside the manual.

  • Purpose Plan – get clear about why you are here and the habits required to become that person

  • Ideal Day Exercise – consider how you can contribute to making a positive impact in the world each and every day

  • Self Love – exercises for knowing, liking, and trusting yourself to create a lifestyle you truly love

  • Decision Detox Exercise – detox inconsistency and easily make important decisions for your life by discovering what’s right for you

  • The 21 Questions – questions that provoke you to get clear about who you are and what you truly want

  • 10 + Video Bonuses - Please see sample of bonus video below

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