Money Mindset Manual

Money Mindset Manual


The MONEY MINDSET MANUAL (Digital) is a 100 page guide to help you upgrade your money mindset, restore your financial dignity, grow your income, save money, and get out of debt.

The questions and exercises in this manual are designed to guide you through a process of uncovering the thoughts and feelings preventing you from achieving the financial success you deserve and desire. See below for detailed descriptions of what’s waiting for you inside the manual.

  • Your Financial Blueprint – a high-level snapshot of what it costs you per month to both survive and succeed

  • Financial Blueprint Reflection – reflection questions to uncover monthly growth, mistakes, and money lessons

  • Dissolving Limiting Beliefs Process Where most people falter in dealing with their limiting beliefs is that they take steps to become aware of them, but they do nothing to remove or replace them. This process will show you how to do both.

  • Over 20 Reflection Questions – exercises for understanding your beliefs and refreshing your money mindset

  • Business Finances Webinar – clarity and strategies for keeping your business finances in order

  • Financial Self-Care Webinar – figure out how money best fits into your life

  • 5+ Bonus Videos - See sample video below

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Reviews for the Money Mindset Manual

I have been following stacey for a little under a year and i am consistently blown away by the tenacity she has towards, personal growth and financial development, not only is it inspiring but she is taking an approach that no one else has on financial health and literacy, that is- The emotional connections we have made to money and what it really means to our growth from that place. As soon as she released the manual I purchased it and I must admit it’s only been two days since its release, but i’ve been wizing through it, excited to start applying the tools to my life! It is a great manual! it asks you to take a good look at your money values, your money thoughts and then takes you on a journey to change them. While empowering you to take charge of your beliefs and paradigms to shift your life into the alignment of what you want!- Money and (for me) financial freedom. I won’t give any spoilers, because at this price, it’s a bargain! and you should start your year of right, with an investment in yourself! You also get the video’s, the manual and the worksheets which you can print and use. To be honest I use this manual alongside my other financial teachings, and all it has done is boost their effectiveness, as financial growth is not just numbers, but a mindset shift! and shifting my mind is certainly doing!
— Maxan

I feel like this is something that everyone can benefit from. This work of art walks you through examining your beliefs and behaviors in a way that is relatable and easy to understand. Most people don’t often examine their beliefs, where those beliefs came from, and how they show up in our everyday lives. Well worded and beautifully presented content!!! I would not only recommend this to everyone, but I would also recommend sharing it. Buy one for a friend, family member, or your own children. Stacey has created a work of art here! Thank you for sharing your work with the world!
— Asia Davine

What a helpful companion manual! Stacey has created such an incredible resource for anyone seeking to increase their financial literacy AND desiring true change. In a very straightforward and practical way, she empowers you to uncover why you have not reached your financial goals. Such a great tool! I highly recommend it!
— Charlotte A Marshall

Everyone who earns money has to buy this manual! I am not even done working through the manual and I already have had several aha! moments! Yes I said working through instead of reading through. When you put in the work, you will get the results and they are mind blowing! I have listened to and read books written by very popular and wealthy financial experts but there was always a disconnect. I thought I knew it all but kept wondering why my T4 showed a certain amount yet I couldn’t show anything for it, until now! I have opened a can of worms and have some cleaning up to do but I am super excited for the future! Thank you Stacey for this manual! If you are still on the fence wondering whether or not you should get the manual, please get the manual TODAY!
— Ms Dino

A tool that everyone needs to not only change their mindset, finances, and spending habits! To quote another review, “anyone who earns money” needs this manual! I’ve gone through this manual at least six times since its release and each time I glean more from it than I did previously. I also think this is something that you return to again and again. Whether you’re completely ready to shed your old habits and mindset, or wanting to take the first steps on your journey but aren’t sure yet what that looks like for you, I highly recommend this manual! An important insight I’ve gained recently is the fact that I have a lot of fear surrounding money. Not having enough, having too much, fear about how to spend, fear how to save it–just fear non-stop. Without this manual I’m not sure I would have realized or recognized the amount of fear I have surrounding money. My experiences in life–personal and through seeing my parents struggle–shaped this fear I had. With the manual I’ve been slowly working through my emotions surrounding money, creating a budget (and sticking to it), beginning a savings account, and overall just recognizing AND changing my mindset surrounding money. I’m posting this review after the update (Mar. 6th) which made included incredible changes. Buy the manual and get ready to have your world, and finances, changed!
— Chelsea