Why It’s Important to Unplug

There are several reasons why it’s important to unplug. The most important being that unplugging allows the mind, body, and soul time to rest. This episode sponsored by Better Help marks the beginning of my REST week. It a remarkable practice that has supported me in creating real happiness. Here are three reasons why it’s important to unplug.

Real Life Problems Are Not Solved Online

The main reason why it’s important to unplug is so that you never forget that everything online is edited aka not very messy aka not real. The messiest picture that you view online will always look better than your real life. Why? Because someone took the time to take the photo, consider the photo, and post the photo. These three steps are a lot easier to do than doing the work of growing, developing, maturing and becoming the person you really want to be. It’s so important to unplug because real-life problems are solved offline.

Develop Soft Skills 

Another reason it’s important to unplug is so you can develop your soft skills. Soft skills are personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. Which really means your ability to show up in life and fellowship with other people. Becoming disciplined, using empathy, and being emotionally intelligent are a few soft skills that are developed offline.

Honor Your Human Beingness

A final amazing reason why it’s important to unplug is to honor our human beingness. You and me we are humans. We are not robots which means we need more than a reboot. So many people take a couple of weeks a year off to reboot themselves thinking that this practice will support them in living fully. Unfortunately, as a human being, we need more. We need to step away from our connection to technology and be reminded of our limitations and potential as a human being. Unplugging is about honoring your human beingness. A by-product is that once you unplug you’ll naturally de-stress and regulate yourself to live your best life

Unplugging may seem like a scary thing to do. I’d argue that if listening to this episode created even a hint of anxiety then my friend now is the time to unplug. Start small unplug for one hour a day and solve your real life problems offline, develop your soft skills, and enjoy being human.

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Thanks for listening.