T.R.U.S.T.I.N.G. God


Delivering a keynote at the annual Woman of Purpose Conference hosted by the glamorous Jessica Chinyelu Anibowei was truly a dream come true. Seriously, my best friend and I watched videos of Jessica’s interviews on her Youtube channel for years. I remembered watching a recording of her conference, and she had speakers like Heather Lindsey and Taylor Madu. Immediately I thought, one day I'm going to speak at the Woman of Purpose Conference.

Little did I know nearly four years later Jessica would invite me to deliver a keynote address. At the time she asked me I was coming out of severe depression. My company had failed; I lost my home and hadn’t worked or earned an income in months. My depression was so debilitating that on most days I could barely get out of bed. It is rare to find a person who can see you clearly in the middle of your darkness. I’m so grateful that Jessica saw me.

Her invitation became the catalyst to rebuilding my confidence in using my talent for talking to inspire others to live an authentic fulfilled happy life. I got to share a piece of my testimony about overcoming anxiety and depression. I shared the stage with so many women I admire like Courtney Sanders and Yvonne Orji. I also connected with some incredible women including Stacy Ike, Jokotade, Dominque Broadway and Sopha Rush.

WOM 4.jpg

I’m so excited to share my keynote with you. I hope you enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed delivering it!

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