7 Habits of Incredibly Happy People

It has been said that if one can master her habits she can master her life. Mastery of happiness is the inspiration for today’s podcast on the Seven Habits of Incredibly Happy People. Over the last decade I’ve studied, observed, and experimented with the usefulness of habit. I first came across the concept of the effectiveness of habits from the super success business and self-help book by Steven Covey called The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. First if you have not read this book add it to your winter reading list! It’s a game changer in terms of life and time management. Second with this book as a light guide I set out to uncover the habits of the happiest humans on the planet.

In today’s podcast I break each of them down and give you solid examples of how I’ve become the happiest person I know by applying each of these habits throughout my life.



03:42 Habit One shows you how to let go, get unstuck, and endure loss

15:25 Habit Two helps you get more of the things you want in life

21:05 Habit Three causes you to focus on what you do have and what you can do rather than what you can’t do and don’t have

27:54 Habit Four makes you open up, live a lot more and give yourself and others a break

34:25 Habit Five creates more opportunities and adventures in your life

40.39 Habit Six gives you more forgiveness, love and peace and in your life

49:48 Habit Seven keeps you in your own lane and running your own race


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