Lessons Learned at 34 Years Old

As I reflect on my last year of life I’m awed by the intensity and how it changed my life for the better. I’ve realized that life-changing lessons are universal so I picked my top four life-changing lessons to share with you. So without further ado here are the four lessons that changed my life.

Everything Happened The Way It Was Supposed To

The number one lesson that changed my life was realizing that everything happened the way it was supposed to. This is not to be confused with everything happens for reason. I made the mistake of believing everything happened for a reason throughout my twenties and this belief kept me perpetually looking for the reasons why things happened in my life. However this year I accepted that I might never know why something happened. But I’ll know that whatever happened, happened the way it was supposed to; because that’s how it happened. If it wasn’t supposed to happen that way it wouldn’t have happened. Learning this life-changing lesson helps me to accept my past, make better choices in my present and look forward to my future.  

I Am Responsible for My Life and God is Lord of My Life

The second lesson that has changed my life for the better is accepting that I am responsible for my life and God is Lord. I use to believe that I was Lord of my life and God was responsible for my life. For example, I’d spend the majority of my days, nights, and weekends making plans. I’d detail what I wanted, who I wanted, and when I wanted things to enter into my life. However, when my plans failed to manifest in the exact way I wanted I’d blame God. When unexpected events like breakups, deaths, or illness happened I’d blame God for not taking better care of me.  I’d seriously be mad at God for weeks for not following my plans. It’s funny now looking back at my thinking. This past year, however, has literally changed my life because I’ve realized that I don’t get to dictate my life to God. God dictates life to me and I am “respond”-sible for how I respond to the life I’ve been given. 

I Do Not Have to Explain Myself

The third lesson that changed my life is learning that I do not have to explain myself. Before I could learn this life-changing lesson I healed several early childhood traumas. After my traumas healed I noticed that I no longer felt compelled to give people an explanation for my thoughts and behaviors. It’s crazy for me to realize that I use to explain my thinking to people. Internally I felt so guilty and ashamed that even my thoughts had to be explained.  I now realize that explaining myself is a childish coping mechanism and as an adult, I don’t have to explain myself but I do get to express myself freely. Shifting to expressing myself instead of explaining has elevated my life tremendously. 

Everything Is Possible

The fourth lesson that changed my life for the better is uncovering that everything is possible.  I literally mean EVERYTHING is POSSIBLE. This year was a year of miracles for. When I reflect on the last 12 months I am blown away about all that I’ve accomplished from spending a month in Rwanda, Africa to moving into a cozy Chicago Hydepark studio apartment, to podcasting with a brand partnership. I know that everything thing I can think, dream, and believe is possible. 

These life-changing lessons will be my guiding principles for this next year of life. I can not wait to see how the lessons that changed my life continue to shape my life. 

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