5 Ways Create Real Happiness

Happiness has become mainstream in the last five years. As popularity around happiness increases so does confusion about what it means to create real happiness. In today’s episode, I clear up and organize all the information circulating about happiness. I’ve studied happiness for almost sixteen years. All throughout childhood I was obsessed with being happy. But I got serious about discovering principles to create real happiness when I became pregnant with my son at 17 years old.

My aim at the time was to learn what it would take to give him a happy childhood and ultimately a happy life. My research snowballed into a full-blown speaking career that I love and adore. Stumbling across Brian Tracy book titled: The Power of Self-Discipline gave me a phenomenal tool to organize the ingredients of happiness. My hope is that you take these ingredients, inventory your life and create real happiness in your life forever.


  • 06:02 – Health

  • 10:43 – Relationships

  • 13:55 – Meaningful Work

  • 19:00 – Financial Independence

  • 21:59 – Self-actualization/Spirituality


This episode is a happiness inventory for anyone who is ready to have real happiness. Enjoy, rate and review on iTunes.

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