Fear Of Success: Limiting Beliefs

Let’s go on a journey together. In this episode sponsored by BETTER HELP, I’m facing my deepest fear, the fear of success.

I consider myself to be a pretty fearless person and for that reason, I was willing to let this fear linger in my life. However, I’ve gotten to a place where I can’t tolerate this fear anymore, so I’m going to face it.

The first time I shared this fear out loud was on the stage at a conference in Nassau, Bahamas. An audience member asked me if I was afraid of anything and I reluctantly shared that my biggest fear is becoming even more successful.

Some in the audience were shocked, but a few understood. I think that moment was the catalyst for the journey that got me here where I’m now rebuilding my life and successfully running my company part-time.

I’ve realized that the only thing stopping me from being as successful as I deserve and desire is me. Yes, you read that correctly, I’m standing in my way because of this crazy fear.

This episode is my out-loud-effort to overcome this fear. I heal and learn so well through talking, and this episode I’m talking about belief.

Specifically the five beliefs I need to release to get over my fear of success. As you listen to today’s episode, I’d love to know if you experience a fear of success.

Do you feel any fear around becoming as successful as you deserve and desire? Let me know in the comments below!


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