Advice for 2019

Happy new year!

Well, almost. Before we all dive headfirst into a fresh start, I’d like to share a few thoughts. When a new year approaches, I have a few practices that ensure I make the most of this season of change. One of these practices is to re-read Rediscovering Faith: Understanding the Nature of Kingdom Living by Myles Munroe. This resource helps me to check in with how I’m using my spiritual gift, living out my beliefs, and if my understanding of faith needs to be recalibrated in the coming year.

This is one of my shortest episodes to date - I wanted to briefly walk you through my thought process of reflection and planning during this time when we often find ourselves so busy!

Another practice is to evaluate my growth throughout the year that’s ending. Did I meet my goals? Which new habits did I successfully develop, and which did I abandon? Through specific assessments and targeted questions, I take time to review the closing year to ensure that I acknowledge what happened, absorb any lessons I need to learn, and leave any unhelpful baggage behind. There are numerous ways you can create this reflective exercise for yourself - the key here is to find a system or technique that your mind and heart respond to well. No matter the format, the purpose is to pause and conclude one phase of living before entering into another. And of course, I create a new vision board for the coming year.

As we shift from reflection on this past year to planning for the next, in this episode I discuss four lessons to consider in 2019:

  • The difference between disagreement and disrespect

  • The pitfalls of social media

  • The value of rest

  • How to prioritize which problems to solve (Hint: start with yours!)

What are the ways you close out the current year and prepare for the next? Are you trying any new practices this year?

I hope you enjoy this episode, and please share your own insights in the comments below!

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Thanks for listening.