5 Lies That Stifled My Speaking Business


I’m getting bit emotional about this episode because, you guys THESE LIES are the reasons I haven’t reached my full potential in my motivational speaking career. I am so, so ready to share these lies with you. On episode nine I wanted to walk you behind the curtain of the motivational speaking business. It’s one of the most unique, impactful careers, and you get to learn from my mistakes.


Lie number one: I am best in person(08:00).

Lie number two: I can’t use systems in my speaking business because I’m gifted and unique (14:53).

Lie number three: the people closest to me will automatically know how to celebrate me (20:40).

Lie number four: if your speaking business is not wildly successfully you are not a success (25:50).  

Lie number five: you can’t pivot in your speaking business (30:04). 


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