3 Ways to Stay Focused and Get Things Done

How to stay focused and get things done has a lot to do with supporting your brain. As with many things it takes a lot less effort to stay focused and get things done when you do it the right way. In this episode sponsored by Better Help, I share three ways to stay focused and get things done.

Set a Timer

Raise your hand if you’ve ever waited until the last minute to turn in a paper or complete a project. You can’t see me but both my hands are up!  I was a great student in college because I loved learning but I’d consistently wait until the last minute to complete my papers and semester projects. I told myself it’s because I produced my best work under pressure. That rationale is only half true. The truth is each of us performs a little better with certain types of pressure. Time, for example, is a great performance enhancer. Once the brain knows there’s is a limited amount of time to complete any given task is will seek the shortest route to success. Why because the brain likes to be efficient in all things.

Pick One Thing

Pick one thing and finish it.  Yes, you read that right pick one task at a time to focus on then finish the task within the time frame you set. The amount of information we are exposed to every day is astounding. Whether it’s work expectations, social media pressures, homemaking or never-ending to-do lists. We are practically forced to become multi-taskers in order to get things done. Yet the best way to stay focused and get things done is by doing one thing at a time. This doesn’t mean that you can’t do multiple things for one task, however, it does mean all your activity is focused on completing a singular task. In the beginning, it’s hard to shift to doing one thing at a time but the reward is tremendous.

Stay Hydrated

Our brain is a fascinating organ that runs our entire life. All pain, happiness, and success, is processed through the brain. 73% water makes up the brain. Yet, we don’t hydrate ourselves enough to keep the brain in optimal performance. Water literally sharpens the brain’s ability to focus. What most people do is caffeinate their brain to push it toward optimal performance. The downside to using caffeine to increase brain performance is that caffeine works for about 4 to 6 hours. Which creates an addictive habit that tells the brain it needs more caffeine in order to be effective. This is simply not true. You will perform so much better (and for longer periods of time) on a hydrated brain than a caffeinated brain.

Apply these three tips to your upcoming week to stay focused and get more done.

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Thanks for listening.