3 Most Powerful Self-Development Books

When I think of a powerful book I ask myself whether or not I’m reading something I can apply to my life now. I think about execution and application because those are the things that improve your life.


Stop Giving Your Power Away

The Four Agreements teaches you how to stop giving your power away and also how to take your power back from any and all situations where you feel powerless. One of the agreements is “don’t take anything personally” and on the surface this seems like such a simple philosophy to implement except for the fact that we take everything personally. Breaking this agreement is the reason you are stressed in life and don’t have inner peace. This book forces you to take yourself out of the center of everything because most things are not about you. In my most extreme of taking things personally I would take the weather personally. When you read this book it helps you to realize that taking things like weather, traffic, and days of the week personally is just not helpful. If you are someone who is stressed to the max and you have a lot of drama in your life you should read the four agreements.


Stop Leaking Your Power

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck is so good because it acts a self-development, positive psychology trojan horse. I love his approach of using severe language to hide wisdom in plain sight. Basically you are so worried about language that you forfeit the opportunity to get wisdom. He makes a case of how we do this in so many areas of our life and thus leak our power to the point of depletion. Inside of this book he talks to you about the significance of values but he introduces a metric for measuring your values because it’s one thing to know your value but it’s an entirely different thing to know whether you measure up to your values. If you’ve never done any work to uncover your value then I highly recommend your read this book. Your values are your compass for life and when your values are known you will never be lost.


Stop Hiding Your Power

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up is such a good book! I was compelled to purchase, read, and apply everything in this book because the opening line in this text floored me. It reads “Your life truly begins once you put your life in order” all I could think was this is a strong promise that I can obtain my ideal life from tidying up? All I wanted to know was who she was and how she found the confidence to declare such a bold promise. Her campion book is Spark Joy. The reason this book is so good is because it’s so simple but yet profound in application. When I applied this book to my home I ended up tidying myself right out of my home and moved to a new city where I’ve healed my depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I can say without hesitation that this book was the catalyst to my move and healing. This is because when you have a bunch a clutter in your house you can’t determine what you are actually mad at because you think your frustrated that you clothes don’t fit but really your made that you not in the relationship you want. I don’t hold on to a lot of clothes but I hide my power in papers and books.


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