11 Reasons To Try Therapy

Every other Tuesday, I go to therapy. To date trying therapy has been the best decision I have ever made in my adult life. I’ve made a commitment to continue therapy as I mature into the serial entrepreneur I intend to become.

People often ask me “should I try therapy?To which I respond. Yes! Absolutely. Therapy gets a bad reputation because many people believe therapy is only for people who have mental illnesses . This is just not true.

Therapy is about getting professional help for your mind. Your mind is the most powerful tool you have for creating a life you actually want! Think about it your mind tells your body what to do. Your mind tells you what to think, what to speak, and what to believe. So if your body, bank account, relationships, career, or whole life doesn’t look how you expect then getting help for your mind is a smart choice. Your mind is the command center for your life and worth investing in.

Here are 11 really good reasons to try therapy:

  1. Something old still hurts

  2. You don’t feel anything anymore

  3. You feel everything all the time

  4. You’re tired of being stuck

  5. You’re experiencing chronic self-sabotage personally or professionally

  6. You feel shook often

  7. Something new is overwhelming

  8. You’re avoiding real and metaphorical mirrors

  9. You’re experiencing chronic fatigue

  10. You’re living beyond your family norms

  11. You’re spending more time wishing rather than doing

This is not an exhaustive list. Yet any of these reasons is a beautiful reason to try therapy.

If you’ve read this far and are interested in investing into the health of your mind, then I highly recommend Better Help counseling services.  To start therapy today complete your confidential questionnaire.  A licensed therapist will contact you within an hour of signing up.

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Thanks for listening.