Stacey Flowers

Hello Amazing Woman,

What if you could create a lifestyle that allows you to live more and work less?

I love you— hmm, yeah it might be a little early for me to say that but let me tell you why I love you without even knowing you. First things first, you are inherently lovable —God did a remarkable job with you. Second, you’re seeking self-development. It’s super easy to love, support and coach women who want to become the best version of themselves. Third, you're curious about how to get started. I love you because you’re here, reading.

My clients come to me because my approach is instructive, inspiring and intense. Living wholeheartedly and authentically means being willing to go deep and sometimes ugly cry to get the results you really want. My coaching process is about asking big questions that inspire you to take massive action in your life each and every day. Coaching with me is nourishing, refreshing and produces extraordinary results.


The destination is always going to feel like the journey.


I grew up with the quintessential middle-child syndrome. I always (yes always) wanted everyone to be happy. I’d spend most of my days stressed about keeping the peace between my mom and my sisters. With friends, I’d do everything to make them feel seen and heard (don’t even get me started on the type of girlfriend I use to be). No matter the role I played I’d find myself accommodating other people’s wants over my needs. I figured I’d stop people pleasing once I made it! I built a real relationship with God—but nothing changed. Later I earned more money then I could have ever imagined—and again nothing changed (I actually felt worse). I even moved to my favorite city (Chicago) —and still, nothing changed.

Each destination felt like the journey exhausting, impossible and unfair. A rock bottom moment eventually gave me a firm foundation to rebuild. I unlearned the beliefs and principles that did not support who I really am. I made my feelings a priority and let them guide me in building a life and business I’m incredibly proud of. I committed myself to do inner work to produce the outer results I truly wanted for my life—and I did all this without burning bridges, alienating my family, or destroying my friendships. I'm living an impossible dream, and I want to teach you how to enjoy the journey to your vision just as much as you’re going to love the destination.



When you invest in coaching with me you’re not only investing in your dreams; you are investing in the dreams of other amazing humans.

You were born alone, but you live to connect.

A good life is filled with relationships. Whether it’s clients you reach with your business products and services or family and friend you touch with your presence— your dreams fulfilled inspires other people to live their dreams too.

The ripple effect generated through chasing your dreams is worth every dime, and the time you’ll invest in working with me.


Wise women ask for help from the right people.


The women I work with are ambitious soulful purpose-driven

She has a clear vision— yet lack the results she truly want in her life. She is not confused. She might be stuck, scared, overwhelmed, or a little exhausted, but she is not confused. She knows she is meant to live a great life, among great people, doing great things. She needs accountability, direction, and a little clarity. She knows that getting help from the right person makes greatness is inevitable. Are you this woman?


This is my exclusive coaching program where you get coaching and daily application of the best self-development tools available today.



Have a question? View the most commonly asked questions below.

What will I get with Coaching?

You'll grow through a combination of live coaching, reading, and live discussion calls. It's an all-inclusive program with trainings on balancing and improving your life and starting and scaling your business.

When do I get coached?

3-5 life-changing masterclasses. Bi-weekly group coaching. Access to 1:1 coaching weekly.

What is my investment each month?

Your investment is $197 each month. You can end your coaching at anytime, but you won't want to once you start coaching with me.

When does coaching begin and end?

Coaching starts upon receipt of your investment and you decide when your coaching experience ends. I believe in the power of commitment and encourage all my clients to invest in coaching for a full year for maximum results.

What should I expect upon signing up?

Coaching is a very powerful practice and if you allow it too it will dramatically improve your life. You can expect to get exactly what you give and show up to receive.

Can I sign up for Life and Business Coaching? Is there a discount if I do both?

Absolutely, you are invited to choose the coaching program that best supports your desires. I do not offer a discount for choosing both coaching programs because your work is not discounted. You’ll be pushed out your comfort zone and challenged to go above and beyond in each program and your investment matches the results you’ll receive.

What is the difference between Coaching & Therapy?

Coaching works best for healthy women who need support in moving forward from where she is today. Therapy focuses on healing the past to understand how you’ve arrived at the present.

do I need a Coach?

Are you stuck? Do you want to be more decisive and take action? Are your limiting beliefs holding you back? Are you focused on your outcome? Have you lost momentum? Do you have a vision but lack a plan? Your actions aren’t supporting your ideas? You can’t get everything done that you need to do in the time you have? You’re ready to step out of your comfort zone?

If you answered yes to three more of the above question than a coach is a perfect choice for you!


I’m happy to answer your specific question email me at