My March 2019 Budget Report Card


It's amazing what happens when you decide who you want to be and then allow yourself to be that person. This month I overcame my fear about hosting an event, delivering products, and being alone at the top. I accepted that I love live events, and I'm good at gathering women for a specific purpose. My community will always (yes always) help me figure out what to create next. Lastly, people will naturally move in and out of my life, and that's okay. March was a big month for me personally and financially.


What Am I Grateful For?

My baby sister. She drove for 8 hours to support me for my first live event of 2019.

My customers, clients, and community. Thank you for telling me what you want me to create for you. I love this work, and I couldn't do it without you.

Had it not been for nervous exhaustion, anxiety, depression, and PTSD I experienced at the top of 2017, I would not be here, living my best life.

What worked this month?

I shifted my leisure intention from building social connections to maintaining my resolve to complete my debt free journey.

What didn't work this month?

Not thinking through the emotional impact of hosting an event, launching a new product, and my sister coming to visit.

What do I need to start doing?

I need to start thinking through events, activities, and the time of year to manage my emotions.

What do I need to stop doing?

Stop rushing this journey and changing good habits.

What is my intention for next month?

Honor my debt snowball

Budget Grade: C-

Income: $5220.00

Debt Paid: $2015.98