My February 2019 Budget Report Card


My income has grown exponentially, and this is the most exciting thing in all the land. This month I realized that my debt had become a part of my identity? The big question on my mind is: am I ready to figure out who I'd be if I didn't have any debt?


What Am I Grateful For?

Entrepreneurship. I've recently realized that entrepreneurship is going to be one of the many reasons I succeed in repaying all of my debt in the timeframe I want.

My son's father. I am grateful for the support my son's father gives our son and me.

My clients and customers are phenomenal.

What worked this month?

This month a lot came up, and my inner work processes helped me process and manage my feelings.

What didn't work this month?

I tried too many new things.

What do I need to start doing?

I don't need to start doing anything new.

What do I need to stop doing?

I need to stop trying to socialize, stop trying to increase my food budget, stop fantasizing about decorating my apartment, and stop eating and drinking dairy.

What is my intention for next month?

Is to eliminate all of my debt except my student loans.

Budget Grade: B

Income: $5482.00

Debt Paid: $1881.44