4 Ways I Stay Productive While Working From Home

I’ve boosted my clarity, confidence, and stay productive while working from home because of these four simple practices.

Get out of the house in the morning.

No matter the weather I go outside first thing in the morning and do a gratitude walk. For me, taking a walk in the morning is a need. I’ve realized the weather never mattered when I needed to walk my dogs’ Valor and Stella (isn’t it remarkable what we will do for others that we won’t do for ourselves). If I don’t get up and out of the house I fall into a home hole and spend too much time on home tasks rather than work tasks. I live in a 326 sq ft studio apartment which means being anywhere in my apartment feels like being everywhere.

Complete my morning routine.

My morning routine is 75 minutes. Sounds long I know. However, inside of that 75 minutes I’ve achieved so much including but not limited to my gratitude walk, prayer, meditation, getting dressed, breakfast, tidying and makeup. I love my morning routine, and I’ve cultivated it over the last two years to be a routine that truly supports me showing up each day as the absolute best version of myself. If I skip my morning routine, it will negatively impact how I stay productive while working from home.

Schedule my tasks, not the time.

I’ve always scheduled my tasks rather than time but didn’t realize that it’s been the secret to my high levels of performance since high school. Friends would often tell me that I was a taskmaster. At the time, I took it as an insult not understanding that they had observed one of my superpowers. That is, I have a keen ability to identify tasks that need to be done to get stuff done. I often tell people I don’t manage time because it doesn’t belong to me. Managing my tasks keeps me super productive because I finish each day with results for my business.

Work exclusively in my office nook

I selected my studio apartment because of the built-in office nook. I knew even when I was working part-time for a cafe that my ultimate aim was to return to entrepreneurship. I had a choice between my current apartment and another apartment that was larger in size with updated amenities and tons of character. However, when I imagined myself in the studio, I thought about the opportunity costs associated with creating an office space from scratch. The studio I chose allowed me to set up an area for my business the same day I moved in. Working exclusively in my office nook supports my aim for work-life balance and high levels of productivity while working from home.

Adding just one of these strategies to your life will dramatically improve your levels of productivity while working from home. I’d love to know which one you’re going to try. Let me know in the comments below.