Stacey’s energy, happiness and passion is infectious! She speaks such brilliant truth with such enthusiasm it could motivate anyone. She is girl power to her core and I love seeing powerful women make a difference in the world and leaving a mark. Stacey’s advice on how to create a vision has really helped me focus on the changes I need to make in my life. To have a focus, a vision and a path to get where I want is priceless. Thank you for the motivation and the permission to be amazing! ~ Jenni Stevens

The message from Stacey today was exactly what we needed in this hustle and bustle of work! Her message  WAS truly powerful and I will as a woman take with me everything she spoke upon! ~Sharita Green

Stacey is genuine in her happiness and her fire for her passion to deliver a message is not only heard but seen. My expectations were far succeeded. I have heard about her, researched her professional endeavors, but meeting her in person and listening to her wisdom: A MUST!

“Stacey’s presentation on “HERStory and Happiness” was a powerful and uplifting message. I loved how she tied in the gems to qualities our women inventors and entrepreneurs have left behind. And reminding the group of talents instilled in each of us. Stacey was truly remarkable. Thank you for bringing her in;)” ~Kristina

The Vision Board Party 2016 was an amazing experience. I didn’t expect to enjoy it and think so much. I expect greatness and I want to receive my steakpectation! ~ Shantee J.




Stacey, thank you for sharing your gift of inspiration, passion and knowledge. Today’s Ultimate Vision Board Party was tremendous! I look forward to receiving and releasing for increase. Thank you! ~ Leslie

Stacey, listening to you speak and share your story makes me feel like I’ve known you my whole life. Because of your message I know, I’m equipped to confront and handle tough situations in my life and that my acceptance of me leads to more personal freedom and happiness.”

Stacey Flowers is one of the most inspirational people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Her breakout session was more than just preparation for work, is was a training class on LIFE.” ~Mitch

Our conference has now come to a close and I have to continue to give Stacey thanks. Her keynote: The Happy Factor truly set the tone (and the bar) for the remainder of the conference weekend. Everyone RAVED about how much they enjoyed Stacey’s keynote, the level of engagement was unparalleled and inspired everyone to take action to intentionally network! Stacey certainly went above and beyond my expectation and for that I am forever indebted. I owe the success of this district meeting to Stacey. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.” ~Lauren Reed

I just want to say thank you so much for having this session. You spoke so much life into me where I had doubt. I will use what I have learned to focus and step into my purpose and happiness. Please keep motivating and pressing us to live in our truth! I will continue to follow and listen and implement all things. ~ Montoya Johnson

I just want to say thank you very much for this life changing experience. Me and my mom will forever have a place for you in our hearts. I suffer from anxiety and depression. I take medication and attend counseling twice a week but you have provided me with the tools I need to become happy all by myself. ~ Jolien

Stacey, was a godsend!!!! I actually had a compliment from one of the most negative person I know, and she was thrilled with Stacey’s performance. She was positive, engaging, respectful and so RIGHT ON!. Immediately after her performance my staff put her speech highlights on the public bulletin board to share with the entire community. We loved Stacey. She didn’t miss a thing! I felt empowered. Stacey was like a breath of fresh air for my group. Thank you.” ~ Karen Menagh

I truly thank God for Stacey Flowers. This Vision Board Party helped me release some things that were in my way and get focused on reaching my Ultimate Happiness in life. ~ Martine Mayo

The time with Stacey is powerful and uplifting. Stacey uses life experiences, humor and passion to create an experience that will give you the tools to create the life you dream of.

If a business colleague asked me to describe my experience with Stacey Flowers in a single word, I’d say: Engaging. Her message and her personal growth as an entrepreneur and her personal and professional challenges at stepping out on her own were inspiring. She does a great job of connecting with an audience on a personal level and is a very credible and engaging speaker. She would make a great panelist or speaker in support of entrepreneurship.” ~Dell Gines


This was amazing! I left with a completed vision board and felt more confidence in what’s possible for my life. ~ Geniece Brown


Stacey is OUTSTANDING!! Within her small frame is a powerhouse of wisdom that bursts forth to teach others how to improve their lives. Stacey’s Vision Board Workshop Session helped me understand even when I think my life is ok, there may be hidden opportunities here and there I can use to make my life even better. Professionally speaking I learned to take ownership of my actions and to say no more often. Simply put Stacey taught me truly how to live my best life.” ~ Lisa Yolanda



This speech has really given me that extra push I need to focus on me being happy, accomplishing my goals and moving forward with what God has for me. I also want to thank you for your positive pictures, statuses and vibes via Facebook. You are definitely an inspiration on my life. This class was absolutely wonderful. ~ Ebony

Thank you so much for creating the space for such a great, purposeful, intentional and serving event. I am so excited to see what else is ahead for you and for all of the ladies that attended. Bless you and love you! ~ S

Stacey’s keynote presented to the EducationQuest staff provided a strong message that was made even stronger by the story of her early struggles, her amazing successes, and the powerful impact she is having on so many. She had us crying and laughing all at the same time! Stacey’s joy is contagious and powerful!”  ” ~Liz Koop President & CEO | Education Foundation


I am Jean Paul UWIRAGIYE from Kigali, Rwanda and I attended the Kigali Leadership Summit. Stacey’s session really changed my perception about some issues and am so grateful for her presence at the summit!” ~Wiraquin Juan Paulo


The Vision Board Event was simply amazing! Stacey’s outline, personal accounts, testimonies and positive reinforcement was and is key to helping each woman achieve her personal goals. It came at a timely point (at the turn of the New Year). The size of the group and allotted time was appropriate. Great job and atmosphere!


Vision is real! Thank you Stacey Flowers for paring the way to allow others to recognize, accept and walk in their truth! We understood that preparation and intentionality are important to produce the life you want! ~ Sydney Shead


I have never been as uplifted as I was after hearing and watching Stacey’s keynote.  Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring us!”  ~Tricia Dunn


I loved how Stacey used an anchor for the five types of people we all need on our team. I have used the term “high five” several times since her keynote, and can vividly recall the high five. Her energy and confidence was contagious. I felt the energy in the room change when she spoke to us. She looked so put-together and professional. That is so important when you are speaking to a group like ours. Her personal stories were endearing. Of course, I liked hearing about her background and the five people who are on her team, but I also loved hearing about her son and nieces. So personal, yet so universal. Bravo! And thank you for inviting Stacey to speak to our group!” ~Jeannine


Thank you so much for your motivational message and choosing a career to make a difference in others lives. I was extremely blessed by this vision board party and you have given me plenty of tools to make a successful 2016! ~ Dottie


“Stacey’s passion for motivating others is evident in her smile, story-sharing and enthusiasm. I appreciate the way she captivates the audience through laughter and tears. She has the ability to give back to others through connecting her own experiences to real life challenges. Her presentation skills are dynamic! Job well done, keep it up, and Thank You!!!!!” ~Joan Jurek


I spoke with Stacey after her speech and I greatly appreciate how she took time with each person. She sat down with each of us to connect individually. I’m just like Stacey, I am a first generation student. I have acquired a Masters and I am pursing a doctorate in addition to working full-time. Listening to her session taught me that balancing my work and my personal life is just not possible because life is more about harmony. Stacey is an inspiration to women everywhere. I tell people everywhere I go about Stacey. She is such a talent!” ~Kesha Bradford


The thing that I love most about Stacey’s keynote was the focus wasn’t on the problems and obstacles of life. She explained that each individual is given the strength to grow beyond everyday challenges. I would recommend Stacey for any type of leadership conference because she works so well developing the individual’s natural strengths. Brianna Wallace


Stacey, you are a universal role model and every woman on the planet needs to hear your message. I want to thank you so very much for sharing your inspirational story with our guests. Your words of wisdom our unforgettable. ~Diane Proulx


Stacey, your heart-felt speech was so inspirational— I hope you will share it with many women! I must admit I cried tears of joy as your reflected on all that CAN be accomplished in a woman’s lifetime. You represent all that I have worked for during my tenure on the Board of Directors for CSM.”  ~Terri McFarland


The most inspiring, impactful moment of our workshop was when Stacey told the group the truth about how they felt about themselves as it pertains to their goals or lack thereof. If their goals were below their greatness, she told them then today would be the day they would raise them to a true standard. Stacey was stunning, outgoing and related well to our audience.” ~Abbey Jackson


I really enjoyed Stacey’s keynote presentation. It was both entertaining and educational!!! 


Stacey was excellent! She had everyone’s full attention, a significant challenge for many of our clients who have many distractions and heavy things on their minds. They were laughing, crying, nodding, affirming with each other, asked questions. I only wish we could have had more time…” ~Vickie Peyton

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