I always love when my audience ask questions – Q&A is my thing. Sometimes, I get asked certain questions more than others. Here are a few that I tend to get asked often.

WOULD YOU BE MY MENTOR? While I’m incredibly flattered, my schedule doesn’t allow me to make such a commitment. 

HOW DID YOU BECOME A SPEAKER? Through sharing my story from the stage, promoting my message among business colleagues, and hiring a speaking coach. 

I JUST STARTED SPEAKING. ANY ADVICE? Speak, practice the craft of speaking, and record yourself to improve your speaking skills. 

HOW DID YOU BECOME THE AMBASSADOR OF HAPPINESS? Honestly, it was as simple as stating that, that's who I am, in 2014 and then speaking about happiness every place I went. When I started speaking in 2012 people called me The Queen of Happiness. I got a little bit more focused in 2013 and got consistent about my message and my title naturally evolved. I had no idea what I was doing in the beginning, I just knew I wanted to travel around the world inspiring people to live life happy.

I LOVE YOUR DEBT FREE JOURNEY. HOW DO YOU STICK TO YOUR BUDGET? WILL YOU START BLOGGING ABOUT YOUR BUDGET AGAIN? Awe Thanks. Yes my blog is coming back and I stick to my budget by completing a new handwritten budget every single month before the month begins. 

HOW DO YOU WRITE A BOOK? Through commitment to one idea shared 10-12 different ways. A great book is the result of writing consistently about one topic.

I LOVE EVERYTHING YOU'RE DOING. HOW CAN I WORK WITH YOU? Thanks so much. My speaking calendar is full for 2017 you can book me to speak for 2018 here, you can get on the waitlist for my conference here, and signup for my newsletter here to find out if when I'll be in a place near you.