My Intentions for 2017

Preparing my mind and heart for my Vision Board WORKSHOPS of 2017.  

Because 2016 was nothing that I could have possibly imagined (it was better, much better)!  I realize that I need to start dreaming bigger, much bigger. 

So, as I'm rounding out this year of 2016, here's a brief list of my intentions for each of the seven areas of life.  

SPIRITUAL:  Fully accept God's call for me to pastor.  I heard it as clear as day on July 16, 2016 in Grand Rapids, MI.  I can tell you what I was wearing, how I was feeling, and the last word I heard before the Holy Spirit whispered this request to me.  In 2017, I want to accept in full all that God is asking me to do.  

FINANCIAL:  Umm get back on track with my debt dumping goals.  So many good things were happening this year that I sort of just put this goal on the back burning.   I knew before but I really know now this was not wise.  So, I want to get back on track here. 

EDUCATIONAL:  Learn social media.  Yep, this is my truth and I'm sticking to it.  I want to master social media like a student seeking to become a sensei. Because I sense that it's important to my work.  

PROFESSIONAL:  Deliver a knockout performance at the happy conference for my guests!  I love these people already and I just want to make them happy.  

PERSONAL: Get married.  Okay.  There.  I've addressed the proverbial elephant in this blog post.  I am a single woman who wants to get married.  Not because I'm lonely or lacking in any particular areas.  But, truthfully, so much awesome stuff is happening in my life and I really want to share it with my person.  Sheesh, way easier to think then to write but it's my truth. 

FAMILY:  Move them out of my home and into their own homes.  As of the writing of this post my mother, older sibling, younger sibling and four nieces are living in my new*ish home.  It's a long story as to how this happened but it did and some days it's amazing and other days it's taxing.  So, for 2017 I want them in their own homes.  For them, not for me. 

LEISURE:  Take a bonifide vacation (yes a honeymoon could count).  Usually, when I travel work is sprinkled in.  I don't know what it's like to go somewhere without my laptop and just vacay.  I'm going to do this in 2017.  

So there you have it my intentions for 2017.  This photo represents how I want 2017 to feel.  Grand.  Clear.  Decadent.  Peaceful.  & Lovely. 

What are your intentions for 2017?



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