October:: Goals

October goals go bananas!

In an attempt to be more transparent about how I maintain a happy life I've decided to start a new offering on my blog.

I'll publish my goals for each month. Some personal. Mostly business.

Review + grades of last month

: Organize content on www.StaceyFlowers.com. I'll give myself a rock solid B on this goal. I've made it easier for you to catch the latest Wednesday Wisdom With Stacey, book me to speak, and read the most popular content. However I was not able to update my shop. Therefore investing in happiness boosting products and services has not become easily accessible just yet.

: Book two paid speaking conference for 2015: I get an F because I have not made contact with any of my preferred conference hosts. There are five major conferences I am courting for next year.

Other September Goals worth noting in this post:

: pay Mr. Miyagi & $3,600 student loan payment. C- I made my Mr. Miyagi payment but I did not make my minimum payment of $1610 last month I'll share why and how I plan to catch up on my payment in the beginning of November .

Without further ado...October Goals

: Get my shop together aka make it easier for you to invest in happiness

: Sale my car and buy a newer (used) car

: Book two paid speaking gigs

: Meal plan and eat at home

That's it, I find happiness + teach you to live your dreams and #GO4HAPPINESS by setting and achieving goals.

Goals help me grow, and growth makes me happy.

So what are you October goals?

Tell me about it. In the comments below tell me what are your goals for this month and how can I help you achieve them. Smile, Stacey