July:: Goals

In an attempt to be more transparent about how I maintain a happy life, I’ve decided to start a new offering on my blog.

I’ll be publishing my goals for each month. Some personal. Mostly business.

This month, I really want to focus on one thing – marketing my business.

In July, I will...

: Tell the right people about my professional speaking services

Believe it or not many people do not know that I am a professional speaker. The few people who know I’m a professional speaker are NOT the right people.

The right people are individuals who have the budget + decision making power to bring me to their campus, church, community or corporate event to speak.

My goal this month: Acquire 2 paid speaking engagements.

: Share my new AWESOME eBook

Becoming an author was a very interesting experience.

I published my first book: Pregnant with Purpose in 2012. Since then I have learned how to write, publish, market + sell books.

Daily, I am asked “how do I write a book?”

So I wrote a happy + helpful wee-book to help YOU become an author.

The title of my wee-book is: Publish:Share Your Story. Serve The World. How to write + self-publish your first book in 8 weeks or less.

I’ll release a sneak peek of Publish to you next week!

Heart beating so fast. Freaking out. But in a good way.

: Techno-fi + add an assistant to my life.

This means...

:Establishing a real calendar which doesn’t allow me to add things that don’t work with my schedule.

: Making my budget electronic in excel.

: Creating + organizing folders for my blog posts, videos, and speeches.

: Cleaning my inbox and setting up a customer service system.

Techno-fing my life is a means to attract an assistant in to my life.

Even if I could afford an assistant today, I wouldn’t let her organize my life.

I know what you're thinking but assistant is supposed to help you organize the chaos in your life.

Not true.

A (great) assistant is supposed to assist you.

To be honest I couldn’t tell you exactly what she’d be assisting me with because everything feels so chaotic.

But not for long. 

Other July Goals:

(Updated 8/5/14)

: Pay Mr. Miyagi + minimum payment on student loan debts(F, I didn't pay my Mr. Miyagi payment because I didn't earn very much money last month, still waiting on a few payments) 

: Pay all business invoices in-full (F, see above explanation) 

: Redo the #SquatChallenge + develop a weekly fitness regime (C, I started) 

: Complete school supplies shopping (A, school supplies done) 

: Finish 3rd eBook: Prosper: 7 Keys to Setting + Achieving Goals with Soul (C, I'm about 70% done) 

: SEO optimize my blog + site (B, things are going well here) 

: Update my site + social site bios (B, things are going well here)

: Read one of my 30th Birthday books cover to cover (A, I read Unlabeled. It was amazing a book review is coming soon) 

(My goal progress average for the month of July is a C+)

That’s it, I find happiness in setting and achieving life goals.

My goals make me grow and growth makes me HAPPY.

So, what are your goals for July?



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