January:: Goals

Happy Happy New Year Goals!!!!! 

In an attempt to be more transparent about how I maintain a happy life I'll publish my goals for each month. Some personal. Mostly business.

Review + grades of October goals (it's been two months...yikes)

: Get my shop together aka make it easier for you to invest in happiness (C). It's easier for you to shop but I have to add more products.

: Sale my car and buy a newer (used) car (A) I love my new used Jetta reliable + pretty.

: Book two paid speaking gigs (A) I'm feeling pretty over the moon about my 2015 speaking calendar!!!!! If your in the Omaha area you can get a ticket here or here to see me speak!!!

: Meal plan and eat at home (B) I ate home every single day. But I didn't follow my meal plan to a T.

Without further ado…January Goals

It's a new year so first I'll list my annual goals. Then I'll list my monthly goals. Annual goals

: Become an Excellent Speaker (I have a scale: fair, good, great, excellent, remarkable)

: Execute a live event for 22 Big Dreaming Women

: Launch an irresistible offering for women bloggers who want to monetize their blog speaking for pay

: Repay remaining balance of student loan debt $100k

January Goals

: Deliver every speaking engagement with unprecedented excellence (5 gigs this month)

: Sign Up for Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University

: Send thank you cards to mentors ... Just to say thanks for being awesome.

: Add 5 minutes of stretch yoga to my morning routine

That's it, I find happiness + teach you to live your dreams and #GO4HAPPINESS by setting and achieving goals.

Goals help me grow, and growth makes me happy. So what are you annual and January goals?

Tell me about it. In the comments below tell me what are your goals for this month and how can I help you achieve them.