Get Out of A Slump And Find Happiness

A few weeks ago I woke up and I didn't want to get out of the bed.

When it happened again the next day.

I thought maybe a cup of coffee could help but no such luck.

I still felt terrible. By the third day I realized I was in a slump.

It sucked.

Perusing Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts I noticed a sort of Debbie Downer mojo spreading like wildfire as many people were trying to pull themselves out of a slump and find happiness again.

In the spirit of helping you find happiness, I've complied a list of happy + helpful resources you can use today to lift yourself out of a slump.

Without further ado...

The easiest way to get out of a slump is to clean up what you're feeding your mind...

This means turning off Reality TV, unplugging your love sick playlist, and putting your phone on silent for a week - NO GOSSIP ALLOWED.

NEXT whether you're in a financial, relationship, career, or business slump check out these resources to help you turn up the volume onnutritional mind food.

  • Financial slump? Feed your mind the Dave Ramsey Show. His no-nonsense financial talk will have you setting audacious goals like repaying student loans in full, in one year or less. His podcast is FREE on iHeart radio
  • Relationship slump? Two servings of America's Modern Day Matchmaker Paul Carrick Brunson will feel like delicious comfort food.
  • Marriage slump? No worries ladies, Ms. Maggie Reyes of Modern Married dishes out bite sizes pieces of happy marriage awesomeness.
  • Career Slump? Nobody makes it easier to climb out of a career crisis than Mr. Mastin Kipp from The Daily Love. Check him out and discover why your best career starts with love.
  • Business Slump? Because you don't know how to tell people what you do, check out Ms. Alexandra Franzen's I AM Worksheet (this little worksheet changed my whole business).
  • Business Slump? Because you don't know how to market your AMAZING products look no further than Ms. Marie Forleo who will teach you how to become a marketing ninja.
  • Soul Slump? Take in a 72-hour dose of Hay House Radio + King Broadcast Media + Gabrielle Bernstein. Start in the morning with Hay House. When you get to work turn the volume way down and let the high vibrations of each radio host ooze through your computer screen and drip into you psyche + soul. When you get home just before dinner. Tune in to a segment of King Broadcast Media. Finally when it's time to sleep stop by Ms. Gabby B for a little night time mediation.

Rinse + repeat for 7 full days.

The key is to engage your slump with information that will shift your mindset.

I hope you find a resource you love.