If Only X Happens, Then I'll Be Happy

If only x happened I could be happy (or maybe y and z need to happen before my happiness will come).

There seems to be a myth going viral among every living human that says: "the only way to find happiness is after I've acquired x, y, and z."

Alas! You only need to get the house, the degree, the hubby, the booming business, the promotion or the kiddos and then, you can finally experience happiness!

Um, no.

You cannot have a happy destination, finale, event, or experience IF your journey is unhappy. 

You weren't born to live unhappy. I actually believe "God wants you to be happy" and for this reason he's given you vision.

A vision is a clear picture of a desired future.

The universe has given you a clear picture of your desired future.

If you're thinking well God forgot to drop a vision in me, you're thinking in error.

If you've ever felt frustrated, irritated, or down right pissed off about something that was happening in your present moment.

My friend it's simply because you have a vision and what your presently experiencing ain't it.

The challenge for most of us isn't clarity of vision (we know what we want). The true challenged is getting from where we are today, to where we want to be (the clear picture).

I'm telling you to make it your business to follow your dreams by establishing a happy journey.

Creating a happy journey doesn't have to be grueling or unpleasant of course.

You can create it by creating bite sizes actionable steps also known as :: GOALS.

By setting goals and pouring your energy into enjoying your journey you can experience happiness NOW.

The only moment that matters is now.

Our lives are saturated with tasks, obstacles, and roadblocks to our happiness.

You can't wait for x,y, z, to happen before you reach happiness.

Real happiness is about loving the journey just as much as the destination.