August: Goal Rush

In an attempt to be more transparent about how I maintain a happy life I've decided to start a new offering on my blog. I'll publish my goals for each month. Some personal. Mostly business.

Review + grades for last month's goals...

: Tell the "right people" about my professional speaking services... (A), I gained 2 paid speaking engagements.

: Share my new AWESOME wee-book...(B+), I shared a sneak peek of PUBLISH, However I really wanted to published my wee-book last month. 

: Techno-fi my life...(B), I updated my calendar, created a digital budget, organized computer files, cleaned my inbox, and scheduled all upcoming speaking events. However I missed 3 appointments this month. 

I'm proud of the work I've put in to help you follow your dreams

All other goal progress has been updated in the original post. Here.

So about the month of August... I want to keep my focus on marketing my business but I'm also going to take it another step further and focus on selling products and services this month. I love thinking of selling as sharing. Which is what I must do in order to sell with soul throughout this month.

In August I will...

: Share 20 copies of each of my wee-books

Publish: How to Write + Self-Publish Your First Book in 8-Weeks or Less

Prosper: How to Set + Achieve Goals with Soul. Is the people choice wee-book (more on this next week).

: Tell the right people about my professional speaking services.

This is a repeat from last month. I will again market to secure 2 NEW paid speaking gigs.

: SEO optimize my blog site.

Optimizing my site for search engine is a form of sharing more. The idea is, if people cannot find my site then they will not know how to buy helpful, AWESOME, happiness increasing products and services.

Other August goals...

: pay Mr. Miyagi Payment + 3,600.00 student loan payment

: be 15 minutes early to everything

: put together a 12 month fitness plan

: complete 2 guest blog posts

: add past live lecture for instant download

: create smartphone wallpaper 10 Commitments of Happiness

That's it I find happiness + teach you to live your dreams by setting and achieving life goals.

Goals help me grow, and growth makes me happy.

So what are your August goals?




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