7 Simple Things I Do Everyday to Stay Happy

Daily I'm asked am I really happy.  

To which I respond.  Yes!  

The follow up... how?  

Firstly, I know the secret to happiness.  

Secondly, I do these 7 easy breezy steps every day to keep happy.  

1.  I pray.  Every morning no matter what, I pray.  Sometimes for 30 seconds, other times for 30 minutes.  It really just depends on what God has to say that day.  

2.  I journal daily. I've been using a *special journal (more on this later) a lot this year.  But, before that I've always journaled daily.  It's a way to release my thoughts so I can start with new fresh HAPPY thoughts.

3.  I affirm myself everyday.  If I'm having a good day,. I tell myself out loud "today is a good day!"  If I'm having a not so good day then I affirm something like "my eyebrows are on point today, oh yeah!" 

4.  I follow a routine.  My life is very simple.  I made it that way on purpose to make it easier to finish what I've started.  I've started major projects this year:  The Happy Conference, my blog, a non-for-profit, and the HAPPINESS Workshops!  I need the simplicity found in my daily routine to keep me focused and productive.  And, of course happy.  

5.  I write everything down.  I mean every single thing that I'm thinking about;, I write it down.  The fact of the matter is, I think a lot.  It's my third favorite thing to do, comes right after reading, which is proceeded by speaking.  Writing things down helps things down helps me to remember and recall things when needed.   

6.  I use at least one of my strengths daily.  My all time favorite personality assessment is Strength Finders by Donald Clifton.  This assessment inventories the things you are naturally good at and kicks out a list of strengths.  I've literally been using my strengths every day since I first discovered them in 2003. My strengths are: Maximizer, Learner, Input, Strategic, & Focus.  Some days I use all and at least every day I use one to stay positive and happy. 

7.  I express gratitude.  Daily gratitude keeps me very very happy.  

As you can see my daily practices are really very simple.  I've found that if my day is missing just one one, my happy quotient is a little less than I'd prefer.  

What about you?  Does your daily routine make you happy?