May:: Goals

May I Get Everything Done 

In an attempt to be more transparent about how I maintain a happy life I'll publish my goals for each month. Some personal. Mostly business.

Review + grades of April goals 

: Speak excellent at the 4 speaking gigs this month! (A++, I really love my job) 

: Publish all content 1 WWWS on the first Wednesday of the month, 1 podcast about repaying my student loans, 1 goal blog post (C, I didn't get a podcast up) 

:  Follow gazelle budget (A+, I love the Dave Ramsey 7 Baby Steps) 

: Create Meal Plan for the month of May (F, this may never happen) 

Without further ado…May Goals

: Follow gazelle budget 

: add About Me copy 

: add Stacey Speaks copy

That's it, I find happiness + teach you to live your dreams and #GO4HAPPINESS by setting and achieving goals.

Goals help me grow, and growth makes me happy. So what are you May goals?

Tell me about it. In the comments below tell me what are your goals for this month and how can I help you achieve them.