Professionally speaking, I once owned an HR consulting firm were I designed and delivered training programs for Fortune 500 companies. 

Since then, I've collaborated with over 200 organizations, and taught over 100,000 people how to live happy. Which really means I show people how to live beyond preconceptions, boundaries, and limiting beliefs. 

I've also had the privilege of earning two degrees: a bachelor's in paralegal studies from the College of Saint Mary and a master’s in human resources from Loyola University Chicago. 



I believe personal development is THE greatest world-changing tool on the planet. And everyone — from entrepreneurs to students, corporate creatives to non-profit professionals — can benefit from it.



When I'm not inspiring you to live happy, I'm spending almost every moment with the most amazing human being on the planet, my son who I had when I was eighteen years old.

He's the catalyst to my glass is always full perspective on life. The fact of the matter is, very early in life I started adult-ing that is carefully navigating life, to learn and distill lessons in to consumable pieces to teach my son how to be happy!



My purpose is to inspire you to live life happy. I am completely booked for 2017.  Please submit your 2018 speaking requests here. 

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